Customer Experience Design

Crafting exceptional customer experiences through innovative design and strategic insights

Customer Experience Design

Crafting exceptional customer experiences through innovative design and strategic insights

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What we do

Customer Experience Design services (CX) are required by world-class businesses in order to obtain a competitive edge. Products and experiences that people love to use are made possible by Jaam's CX services. Top businesses and startups enlist Jaam's assistance in bolstering their design teams in order to develop digital strategies and accomplish their objectives.

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What we offer

Understanding and planning every step a user takes when interacting with a product or service is the goal of Customer Experience Design. It entails developing gratifying, effective, and engaging experiences that meet both user and organizational objectives.

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Usability Testing

Usability testing sessions should be organized and created. Observe users while they use the product to get feedback on how well it works, how usable it is, and how the experience is overall.

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Sketching & Wireframing

Sketching and wireframing let you see the product and design ideas come to life while soliciting feedback along the way.

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Design Systems

A large library of components, style guides, and layouts will help you maintain consistency throughout your application.

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High Fidelity Visual Design

High-fidelity images that are both accessible and designed to go hand in hand with Customer Experience Design (CX) principles will provide end users a great experience.

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CX Audit

Utilize the CX Audit before launching a new digital product or website to find potential issues as well as possibilities for improvement, ensuring a positive user experience right away.

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Interaction Design

Achieve efficient task completion by making sure people can. When attempting to complete a task, every click matters to your customers!

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Interviews, contextual inquiry, or usability testing can help you better understand how your customers are using your product and find fresh ways to please them.

Design Thinking and Process

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Design Process Graphic image


Understand the needs, perspectives, and experiences of the people you are designing for. This stage involves research, observations, and engaging with the users to gain insights into their behaviors and challenges.


Synthesize the data collected during the empathize stage to identify patterns, needs, and define the core problems or opportunities. Formulate a clear and actionable problem statement that will guide the rest of the process.


Generate a wide range of creative and innovative ideas to address the identified problem. Encourage brainstorming and creative thinking without judgment. Diverge to explore various potential solutions.


Create low-fidelity representations or prototypes of potential solutions based on the ideas generated during the ideation phase. Prototypes can be in the form of sketches, wireframes, storyboards, or simple physical models.


Gather feedback and insights by testing the prototypes with users. Observe how users interact with the prototypes and gather their feedback to understand what works well, what doesn't, and what improvements can be made.


Advance your project by having a team of Jaam specialists ready to carry out your plan, detailed, development-ready specs, time and cost estimates, and a launch strategy.

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Jaam always exceeded our expectations as an incredible IT innovation partner, and lend us support in scaling tech stack in a short period and build a Digital Marketing strategy that helped us acquire more customers.

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Ashwin Gudidevuni,
CTO, Finplex

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